Apply for 2019-2020 Exec!

BLAST warmly invites you to apply for positions on the excutive board! If you're interested in guiding the future of the Northwestern dance community, gaining leadership experience, working closely with other students on projects, and communicating with professionals, please consider applying to a position that fits your skills and interests.  

Applications Due: 05/04 - 8 pm

Positions Overview

A brief description of each position is below. Every position (with the exception of Show Assistant Director and Assistant Producer) sits on the BLAST executive board and participates in decisions about the present objectives and future plans of our organization. 

Class Coordinator: Organize and oversee BLAST's classes.
Competition Team Captain: Run the BLAST competition team
Facilities Coordinator: Find and reserve space for BLAST events.
Publicity Coordinator: Manages social media accounts, and designs and distribute marketing material for all BLAST events.
Show Director: Direct the annual BLAST spring show.
Show Assistant Director: Direct the annual BLAST spring show along with the Director.
Show Producer: Produce the annual BLAST spring show.
Show Assistant Producer: Produces the annual BLAST spring show along with the Producer.
Social Chair: Organize BLAST social events on campus and coordinate outings to social events in Chicago.
Treasurer: Manage BLAST finances.
Competition Coordinator: Organizes and runs the annual Northwestern Classic competition.


The public Google folder with all the applications available can be found at the link below. If you have issues opening any files, feel free to email