How can I join the team?

Those who are new to the team have full access to team lessons, practices, and bonding for their first two weeks! After two weeks, you’ll be expected to join the team by filling out the following form: https://bit.ly/2nUSI6m. Beginner lessons are still available to drop into for those who don’t join the team.

What are the benefits of joining the team?

Being a part of the team gives you access to so many wonderful things, including joining us at ballroom and latin socials & bonding events, performing in our annual show, learning from weekly technique lessons with our professional coach, and of course getting your very own BLAST track jacket! You will also be able to attend practice, use outfits and shoes from the BLAST closet, and get a discount to compete at our annual competition, the Northwestern Classic.

I've never danced before. Can I still join?

Yes, please come learn some new moves! We accept dancers of all experiences. We have drop-in beginner classes as well as a beginner's team, where you can take classes and work your way up into the intermediate and advanced levels. 

What if I don't have a partner?

No partner is needed, and most people join without a partner! We will do our best to pair you with someone — don't worry and come learn with us!

How much are dues?

For students, dues are $30 quarterly or $70 annually. Community member dues are $60 quarterly and $150 annually. You can Venmo us at @blastnu or give our treasurer Emma Eder or president Sammy Botros exact cash. We are happy to accommodate those with different financial situations––just let Sammy know by shooting her an email (samanthabotros2019@u.northwestern.edu) or talking to her in person.

When can I join Intermediate lessons?

Intermediate lessons are open to all beginners, but will be catered towards the dancers who:

  • Know the basic elements of frame and connection

  • Know how to count the music

  • Know the basic steps to all newcomer dances

So newer dancers will have to keep up. But come anyway because you’ll progress faster if you do.

Do I have to compete?

We encourage BLAST members to attend at least one competition, but you are not obligated to! Competing is a great way to challenge yourself, bond with the team and meet other dancers in the ballroom community.

I don't own a ballroom/latin dress or shoes.

Don't worry, we have a closet of outfits and shoes you can borrow from. Our one rule is that you bring it back washed within a week. We can help you look for your own dress and shoes once you decide it's worth the investment.

I don't own a shirt, a pair of pants, or shoes for ballroom/latin.

Simply borrow, wash, and return! We can help you look for your own items once you've committed.