Northwestern Dancesport Classic

Save the date! The 2020 Northwestern Dancesport Classic will be held on Saturday, February 29th, 2020.

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2019 Northwestern Dancesport Classic!

Shoutout especially to the UChicago Ballroom Team for volunteering and supporting us all day. You guys rock. :)

Finally, a big emotional thank-you-so-much to everyone on the team who pitched in and made this possible: getting up early to carry boxes, packing ribbons, counting tickets, reconciling finances, stuffing envelopes, doing judge sheet arithmetic, designing ribbons, making invoices, doing hair, herding newcomers, making the Welcome Dance playlist, donating speakers, lending laptops, ordering breakfast, bringing cookies, buying McNuggets, and much much more.

Competition Day

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
9am - 5pm (Doors open at 8:15am)
1999 Campus Dr, Louis Room

Welcome Dance

Friday, February 1st, 2019
7 - 10pm
2122 Sheridan Rd, Performance Hall

Results have been posted!



  • Matt Rivers, Chairman of Judges

  • Molly Diemer

  • Allen Desterhaft

  • Rachel Mercedes

  • Andrew Belbin

  • Erin Scully


Rick Popp


Diane Samuelson


Chris Sayotovich



Rules and Eligibility

Newcomer dancers must have begun competing no earlier than August 2018.
(We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but please be considerate. If you have never competed but have been dancing socially for two years, you are probably too advanced for Newcomer.)
Bronze dancers must have begun competing no earlier than August 2017.
There are no time restrictions for Silver, Gold or Open levels.

Dancing down is actively discouraged. If you have placed 1st or 2nd in recent competitions in the Advanced or Gold level, please consider dancing Open.

This competition is restricted to amateurs only. No professional dancers or dance teachers are permitted to compete at a university-organized competition. If you are a professional dancer or teacher and would like to perform a showcase, please contact us separately.

Other registration rules are as follows: 

  • Multi-level couples must dance at the level of the more advanced partner. 

  • You may register for a dance at a higher level that is not offered in your level.

  • Double-registering is permitted only for adjacent levels. For example, you may dance both Gold Smooth and Novice Smooth, but not Gold Latin and Pre-Champ Latin.

All eligibility rules apply regardless of leading or following.

All dancers wearing heels must be wearing heel taps or equivalent. Costumes are permitted at every level.

(Special thanks to Natasha Nguyen and the Brown Ballroom Dance Team for allowing us to expressly plagiarize their competition rules.)

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